After witnessing natural disasters ravage Los Angeles, a commitment-phobic photographer fights his way back into the ruins to find his tenacious girlfriend before the city collapses into the ocean.

Summary​: Los Angeles collapses into a ruinous hellscape when an earthquake and tsunami strike the woefully unprepared metropolis. Caught in the middle of the chaos, Jo’s disaster relief charity puts her in a unique position to help others, while struggling to maintain her own humanity. On her trek for aid, Jo and her beloved dog, Solo, face something far more dangerous than a natural disaster- human nature.
After witnessing the event from afar, Jo’s photographer boyfriend, Andrew, and her best friend, Xavier, throw good judgement to the wind and venture back into the city. Andrew’s commitment to Jo is put to the test and Xavier’s long buried feelings resurface.
When the true severity of the event becomes clear, emotions boil over as the three race the clock to reunite and escape before the city plunges into the ocean.

SHIFT is a story about finding faith in humanity, even when the world is collapsing around you.

Similar titles: SAN ANDREAS, DAY AFTER TOMORROW, & 2012.

  • Action/Disaster
  • Contact for full script.
  • WGA Registration #: 1899885

SHIFT Screenplay Sample




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